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Benefits of Having a LinkedIn Profile Photo

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that was set up to create a connection between job seekers and employers. The requirement is that after creating a LinkedIn account you should update your professional qualifications and skills so that the employers can view. Another important but no mandatory requirement has a profile picture. Being a professional networking platform it is recommended that the profile picture should be professional. The photo should have features that can increase your chances of getting hired. The message that your picture sends will give you an upper hand over your competitors. Majority of people does not usually find a reason to upload their photos because of lack of knowledge of its importance. Here are some of the advantages of having a LinkedIn profile photo.

One of the reasons why you should have a LinkedIn profile photo is that it acts as a proof of credibility. Several fake accounts exist that are used to get information from employers. The owners of spam accounts in most cases lack a profile picture. The idea has made potential employers refrain from making connections with individuals who lack profile photos. Therefore, to ensure that the employers consider viewing your profile you should have a good photo.

The chances of sharing names in LinkedIn are since it is an international platform. Sometimes the employer might have known you by face, and he/she was specifically looking for you. Therefore, if the search results show many individuals with similar name the only way that he/she can identify you is your profile picture. Therefore, you should not lack of a profile picture be the reason for your joblessness.

Some of the information included in your profile picture such as gender and age can sometimes be verified using your profile picture. Some of the job opportunities available are usually gender specific and therefore the employer can use the photos to identify the required gender first. Your profile picture should match the ones that you are having on other social media platforms. To avoid being disappointed during an interview because of minor reasons such as race and gender you should have a profile picture.

Accounts with profile pictures often attract more visitors than the ones without profile pictures. To be make your profile more attractive to the employers you should ensure that you have a good profile photo. The higher the number of visitors to your profile the higher you are chances of getting hired. The key to enjoy the above-mentioned benefits is uploading a professional profile photo.
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