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What to Consider When Choosing a Compounding Pharmacy When it comes to compounding medication, many people have no idea what to look at when evaluating a potential compounding pharmacy to choose. Just like you would have to research to find the right doctor, the same also applies when searching for a compounding pharmacy. Generally, wherever you want to get a prescription for a traditional medication, the procedure is the same. Regardless of where you go, a tablet is a tablet and a capsule is a capsule. However, when it comes to compounded medications, things are somewhat different. Compounded medications have to be prepared individually by trained and qualified compounding pharmacists. The skill levels and quality of compounding pharmacies are not all the same. Any pharmacy can indicate that it is a compounding pharmacy, and make it complicated for patients to know the truth. What is worse is that sometimes some of the pharmacies’ staff may not have the training to allow them prepare compounded medication. The only qualification you may find the pharmacies having is a practicing license. No extra training, special licenses or qualifications may be evident with the pharmacies. Some of the pharmacies you may come across only have an practicing license. There is no law requiring the pharmacy to have special qualifications.
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Thus, to find a good compounding pharmacy, you need to research well. To find the right compounding pharmacy, consider the tips below.
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Is the Pharmacy Accredited? The first thing to do is to check whether the pharmacy is licensed by the body in charge of regulating pharmacies in your state. For any pharmacy to be licensed, it needs to follow to specific national and state rules laid out by the regulation authorities. You can be sure of getting your compounds from a trusted source when you choose a licensed pharmacy. Moreover, the staff are guaranteed to follow the established protocols every time they are preparing your prescription. You want the best medication for yourself and family. This being the case, it is only right that your compounded medication should be prepared by staff that is qualified and licensed. Being licensed by the national pharmacy body is one of the ways you can know a pharmacy is qualified in compounding medication. Staff Training Consider the training that the staff at the pharmacy has undergone. The staff should have undergone intensive compounding training offered by nationally recognized bodies. Trained compounding pharmacy staff have unparalleled skills in compounding medication. The staff will be able to handle the different challenges that are bound to occur on a daily bases in the compounding pharmacy business. Quality and Source of the Chemicals For a pharmacy to prepare medication that reaches acceptable standards, it must have access to the finest chemicals. Choose a pharmacy that only works with companies that deliver the best and purest pharmacologically ingredients.