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Everything You Need To Know About The Different Branches Of Law Most people are not familiar with the different branches of law. Every branch of law has its own specification. As a citizen, it is important that we are familiar with the different types of law. There are also different kinds of lawyers that are familiar and handles the different branches of law. It is important that we know and understand our law. We need to know the branches of law and types of lawyer because there will be instances when we will be faced with legal problems. Lawyers knows the different branches of law and have their own specialization. We do not need to be a lawyer to know and familiarize our law. Our law is protecting us. Below are the different branches of law:
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A. Criminal law
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The criminal law handles crime that is committed against the citizens and public authority. Criminal law covers a wide array of different offenses. Criminal defense lawyer are familiar with the criminal law and handles offenses that are under the this law. Some examples of the offenses that under the criminal law are homicide, murder, theft, DUI and more. B. Income tax law The income tax law handles income tax disputes and other tax issues of individuals against the government or individuals against a certain company. Tax lawyers are those that handles these types of cases and specializes in income tax law. C. Administration law This kind of law handles the activities and governing abilities of the governments administrative body. The administrative department of the government should be able knowledgeable with the administrative law. The lawyer that specializes in this law, handles any kind of dispute with the administrative law. D. Civil law The civil law handles contractual agreements. The lawyers that are familiar with this type of law handles disputes with contracts. E. Property law Issues regarding property ownership are under the property law. The law covers movable properties and immovable properties. Immovable properties are real estate and land while movable properties are owned by an individual. F. Minor law The minor law handles different kinds of cases of children that are under 18 years old. The lawyers that specializes in this law are handles issues such as exploitation against minors, abuse of minors, custody issues and parental control issues. G. Labor law The labor law handles the terms and conditions of employment. This branch of law is involved with employer and employee relationship. H. Environmental law The law is for agreements, statutes, rules to protect the environment. This law provides offenses for those that brings harm to the environment. Aside from these kinds of laws, there are other branches of law such as constitutional law, tort law, press law, family law, air law, corporate law and marine law.