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Exploring Foreign Exchange Student Programs in Australia

Excited by the thought of finishing high school in a different country? Maybe you want to venture out into the world before buckling down to getting a college education.

In any case, you might be interested in going to one of Australia’s high schools through a student exchange program. This could be a perfect way widen your understanding of life and education in other parts of the world.

Quality of High Schools
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If you’re looking for an accredited high school in Australia, check out South Australia Government Schools, which are all designed for the needs of international students. These schools boast cutting edge technology, as well as sporting and music facilities.
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Something many love about the program is that there are several tracks for international high school students who are interested in an all-cultural experience, and those who are intent on finishing from an Australia high school. The program can run for as short as one term to as long as five years.

High School Programs

If you’re only interested in a short Australian high school experience, go with a semester or trimester program. High school programs often feature lots of exciting features, including drama productions, weekend sports, music bands, trips to wildlife parks, local museums and art galleries, etc. Of course, your host family will make all these possible.


If you’re interested in enrolling in a high school exchange program in Australia, except you are worried about the cost and all, explore scholarship opportunities that you can apply to.

There are different requirements upon application, depending on who’s providing the scholarship, but these would generally include a writing sample, a video introduction and essay, and of course, your academic profile.

Post-High School Programs

Even if you’ve completed high school or you’re currently in your last year of high school, there are still learning opportunities that await you in Australia.

For example, you can go on a month-long summer program that focuses on a whole range of activities, from volunteer conservation work to surfing to hiking and so on.

You may also be allowed to combine different programs, including those that include travel to other countries such as New Zealand during the summer break.

Australian High School Exchange Programs

You may be confused as to whether enrolling in a high school in Australia, is a good decision for you. A study-abroad program can usually expose you to an abundance of learning opportunities, on top of being able to meet new people with a unique culture and be friends with them.

Of course, while being away from home, you can reflect on the life that you want five or ten years down the road, with the help of the new perspectives you’ve developed from the new experiences you’ve had. You’ll never know – you may even stay in Australia and decide to pursue college here.