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Weekly Kansas Legislative Updates

Weekly Kansas Legislative Updates
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File iconMarch 30, 2020 - Weekly Legislative Report.pdf
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The 2020 Kansas Legislature adjourned Thursday, March 19, two weeks ahead of schedule. They passed a base budget, funded the transportation plan, and addressed unemployment insurance eligibility and other urgent issues. The Legislative Coordinating Council was given $50 million to address COVID-19 needs in the current fiscal-year budget.
File iconMarch 23, 2020 - Weekly Legislative Report.pdf
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The reality of the COVID—19 pandemic seriousness became apparent last Friday with the news that a member of the House of Representatives was being tested for the virus. The test was negative. Last Thursday, Gov. Laura Kelly’s emergency declaration underscored the situation, and it prompted a show of bipartisanship in the House Appropriations Committee last Friday when a base state budget was quickly approved with deferral of debate on many high-profile budget items until the veto session.
File iconMarch 16, 2020 - Weekly Legislative Report.pdf
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On Tuesday, Medicaid expansion advocates chanted for action on the issue around the third-floor railing for several hours. Some protesters blocked the entrance to the Senate and were removed from the Capitol but not arrested. The noise could be heard throughout the Statehouse. By Thursday evening, Kansas had the first confirmed death from COVID-19 in Wyandotte County, prompting Gov. Laura Kelly to issue an emergency declaration, which allows use of state resources to fight the spread of the dise
File iconMarch 9, 2020 - Weekly Legislative Report.pdf
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With the turnaround break on Monday and Tuesday, the Legislature met for three days this week with most committee activity limited to Wednesday and Thursday. The Senate debated four measures on Thursday, and the House did not have floor debate this week. The House Appropriations Committee and Senate Ways and Means Committee continued working on the budget.
File iconMarch 2, 2020 - Weekly Legislative Report.pdf
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This week was devoted to floor debate ahead of the House of Origin deadline on Thursday. Monday was the last day for committees to meet to complete their work on non-exempt bills for possible consideration and floor debate.
File iconFeb. 24, 2020 - Weekly Legislative Report.pdf
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This week House and Senate committees concentrated on completing their work before turnaround. Monday is the last day for non-exempt committees to consider their bills prior to the House of Origin deadline on Thursday, Feb. 27. It is also commonly referred to as turnaround day for non-exempt bills to pass from their originating chamber. This week the House and Senate both started debate on some relatively non-controversial bills to start clearing their calendars before turnaround.
File iconFeb-17-2020 Weekly Lobbyist Report.pdf
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Uncertainty marked week five of the 2020 Kansas Legislature. Last Friday, the House of Representatives was unable to muster the 84 votes necessary to place the abortion constitutional amendment on the August primary election ballot. Senate President Susan Wagle expressed her disappointment and frustration by saying that Medicaid expansion will not be considered in the Senate until the abortion issue is resolved. This week, the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee delayed consideration of t
File icon2-7-2020 Weekly Lobbyist Report.pdf
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The Kansas Department of Revenue released the January Kansas-only revenue collections, which were above estimates. Both the House and Senate held floor debates this week on the abortion resolution and other matters. Also, the budget subcommittees in both chambers started review of state agency budget requests.
File iconBCC-Final-2018-Session-Report-5-7-18.pdf
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The 2018 Legislature returned for the 2018 Veto session April 26th for a truncated 8-day Veto Session due to a procedural vote taken just before the end of regular session that set May 4th as the “Sine Die” official end to the 2018 Legislative Session.
File iconBCC-first-adjourment-report-4-9-18.pdf
Size: 54 KB
The final week of the 2018 Kansas Legislative Session saw both chambers work beyond the original deadline in order to pass legislation to address the K-12 Finance issue. It turned out to be a dramatic end to what had been a relatively uneventful session.
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