10 ways to increase the productivity to clear SSC CGL exam

The craze for government jobs is high in India. It will not be an easy task if you are not serious about the preparation. The question papers are designed to test the managerial skills of the applicants in every way possible. If you are ready to put in hard work, then it is possible to crack the SSC CGL examination without any extra coaching classes. (Click here to know more about SSC CGL) The following ten tips will go a long way in preparing your foundation.

  1. Planning is the key to succeed – Preparing for competitive SSC CGL examinations is nothing like your board examination. Time management and gathering study material will take some work. Detailed planning is necessary before you get on with the books. Thus, there are no extra points for guessing that proper planning will help you to attain your dream job.
  2. Time management – Planning for the SSC CGL examination and time management are two different things. You must learn to plan time division while preparing the lessons. Apart from this, time management while answering the questions is also a must.
  3. Concentration – If you increase your concentration, you will be more productive while you are preparing for the SSC CGL examinations. Proper attention will help you to retain more information in your brain.
  4. Turn off the television and cell phone – It is a bad idea to leave the television on when you are studying. Some put it on mute mode, but they do not realize that the flashing images distract their concentration, thereby reducing productivity. The same is true for cell phones.
  5. A specific time for social networking – If you desire to increase your productivity, then you must switch off your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace accounts. The constant inflow of notifications will divert your mind and lower productivity. Allot a specific time for social media during these days.
  6. Bite as much as you can chew – There is a huge syllabus that needs to be finished. But taking on too many topics at the same time will not help at all. Understand the capacity of your brain and study accordingly. If you try to fit in too much in too little time, you will fail in your endeavors. Biting more than you can chew will exert unnecessary pressure and reduce overall productivity.
  7. Maintain balanced lifestyle – If you desire to get optimum productivity out of your SSC CGL exam planning, then make sure to take good care of your health. Eat a healthy meal on time to provide the energy your mind and body needs. The last thing you desire is to fall sick and take to bed, thereby losing precious preparation time.
  8. Music to prevent stress – Unnecessary stress will take you nowhere. It is better to keep calm and follow the planned schedule. Listening to soft music will have a healing effect on your brain. It will relax your system and also improve the overall productivity. It is better not to listen to hard rock as they excite your brain cells. But if it works for you, then turn on the base as per your preference.
  9. Taking breaks – Small gaps in between your study schedule will do more good than harm. These help the brain to relax and process the chapter that you just finished. So, after completing every topic, take constructive breaks.
  10. Rewarding yourself – If you are preparing by yourself, then you have to be the judge of your progress. When you realize that you have progressed significantly, then you must reward yourself. It will provide the boost that ultimately increases productivity.

These are some tips and tricks, which may work for you. If you feel that something else will work wonders for you, then feel free to try them as well.